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Andrew John Rainnie

Hailing from Renfrew, Scotland, Andrew is a writer, filmmaker, and games journalist. He gained his first degree in English Literature and Film from the University of Glasgow, followed by a postgraduate degree in Screenwriting from Bournemouth University. Shortly thereafter he moved to London to work as a script reader and editor. To date eight of his short scripts have been produced and shown at festivals around the world. He also works as a copywriter and journalist, and has had articles and stories featured in publications such as ScriptWriter Magazine and FutuReale. An avid gamer, he also works as a features writer for American gaming website WarpZoned. In the summer of 2012 he published My Right Leg Is Tastier Than My Left, a non-fiction book collecting his blog posts charting his around-the-world trip in 2011. His debut fantasy novel, Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits, was released in November 2014.