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SpiRits of veNgeaNCe

the stoNe of spiRits

The first book in the Spirits of Vengeance series, Spirits of Vengeance - The Stone of Spirits, takes place in the distant land of Enara. A religious zealot named Lord Malenek marches across the continent of Amaros, cleansing the world with his army of vengeance spirits.


Standing in his way is an unlikely adversary - Kamina Elloeth, a young tree elf who inadvertently becomes entangled in Malenek's plans. She embarks on a quest with her ghostly brother and a mysterious Ishkava Ranger to find an ancient artifact, one which may hold the key to saving the world.


Facing her fears, Kamina will journey across oceans and deserts and do battle with legendary creatures to unearth the power hidden within the Stone of Spirits.


SpiRits of veNgeaNCe

the assassiN of aRaNeqUe

The second book in the Spirits of Vengeance series picks up several years after the original book. After saving the world from the fire god Risaar, tree elf Kamina Elloeth chose to join the legendary Ishkava Rangers. But when a new threat emerges, placing her brother in the crosshairs of an assassin, Kamina is forced to abandon her teachings and turn rogue.


Guided by her vengeance spirit Callaghan Tor, Kamina must journey across the lands of Enara to extinguish the threat. When she learns the assassin’s true identity, it triggers a race to restore the balance of magic across the land.


Pursued by her fellow rangers, she reunites with old friends to aid her on her quest. Kamina must wrestle her demons and discover her inner strength before she is ready to face off against the Assassin of Araneque.

Praise for the Spirits of Vengeance series

"A well written fantasy adventure... Spirits of Vengeance is intense, gripping, and enjoyable. I highly recommend to those who love fantasy, adventure, and elves."

- Sheri Wilkinson, Juniper Grove


"While reading the book I found myself remembering other long forgotten fantasy novels. I thought I could sense the influence of Tolkien and Philip Pullman... it is placed in a long tradition of epic fantasy writing."

- Cathy Murray, Indie Bookworm

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