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"It was a dream. Of that Kamina was certain. It had the resonance of something more, yet not quite as vivid or as coarse as reality."



Kamina is a shy young tree elf, with a hidden desire to explore the world beyond the forest she calls home. However, her safety is threatened when she encounters the legendary Ishkava Ranger, Callaghan Tor, in pursuit of a rogue mage. With her fate entwined with his quest to save the world, Kamina is suddenly thrust out into the world of Enara. Inspired by her two siblings, the over-protective sister Talia, and her boisterous brother Kaedin, Kamina must search deep inside herself to find the courage to help Callaghan complete his mission.



Kamina’s older brother Kaedin has spurned the ways of the elves, who withdrew themselves from Enara eons ago to live life away from the warring races in the safety of Elgrin Forest. He longs to escape the trees to go on a magical adventure, with lofty aspirations of becoming the first elven Ishkava Ranger, and eventually successor to Callaghan Tor. Yet, when he suddenly finds his wish granted, and is whisked away by the ranger to save the world, Kaedin finds that the reality is very different from his dreams.



Callaghan belongs to the Ishkava Rangers, a group of noble warriors who wander the continent of Amaros, helping others in selfless acts. He holds the unique status of Ranger Elite, granting him permission to wield Ascara, a magical sword that can call forth a fiery blade, rumoured to have been forged by the fire deity Risaar. He wishes to try and use his status to bring peace between the two continents of Amaros and Zalestia, whose people have been at war for generations. However, another evil arises, one that threatens their entire world, which Callaghan has to stop at any cost.



The oldest of the Elloeth siblings, Talia is the only one who remembers their parents, killed by raiders when they wandered beyond Elgrin Forest. Talia was with them on their journey, and it is a miracle that she survived. Her experience has led her to be overly protective of Kamina and Kaedin, but in safeguarding her brother she has been forced to make an uneasy alliance with the nearby humans. As a result she is something of a pariah in elven society, a status she welcomes, showing a defiant strength and allows her to exist independently.



Oldwyn Blake is a cyclops mage, imprisoned for almost a decade in the Black Tower of Calisto. He is one of the last known wizards in Amaros, with the age of magic coming to a close. His solitary incarceration has driven him to the edge of madness, powerless to escape after his trusty staff was taken from him by Ambassador Ramiro Messer. Oldwyn has no allegiances, and helps only where he can. Oldwyn may be able to provide answers to aid Callaghan on his quest, but in doing so, offer up more questions than answers.



A former soldier and priest, Balen Malenek was the sole survivor of the first Amarosian expedition to Zalestia, a trek that ended in bloodshed and started a long, bitter war. He rejected his former life, choosing to relocate to the remote region of Mytor. Here he built up a cult following, with many of his supporters believing that he was saved by the four elemental deities. Seeing no end to the bitter war that has engulfed both continents, Malenek devised a plan to end it swiftly, by creating an army of vengeance spirits to clense the lands.



Jazintha is a strong and agile young warrior princess (or zharie in Zalestian). She constantly disagrees with her father and ruler of Zalestia, Zahyr Zaleed Khan, to the point where she is threatening his plans to overcome the Amarosian armies. She is an avid animal lover, and fills the royal palace with wild animals big and small. Her favourite is Zane, her beloved Rhenzo, whom she rides with when hunting giant dinosaur-like creatures in the Jalenari jungle.



Zahyr is a man whose rule is his reputation. He inherited a war when his mother, Jada Zaleed Zhan, passed away. He is a brute of a man, with a threatening demeanour and strength to match. Having witnessed his own brothers slaughtered by the first Amarosian adventurers, Zahyr has sworn that he will have victory in the seemingly endless war, no matter the cost. With the skirmishes at an endless stalemate, Zahyr puts in motion a plan to decimate the Amarosians once and for all.



Once a promising young soldier in the Amarosian army, Innes Vangar's swift rise up the ranks during his time fighting in Zalestia was matched by his sudden fall from grace when he mutinied and returned to Amaros. Vangar now leads a rag-tag band of outlaws known as the Marauders, who raid and pillage in order to survive. However, he is still a noble soldier at heart, and is offered the chance to redeem himself when the Vengeance Spirits attack.



Ariel Atari is from the Veyo tribe of the Etraihu people, one of four tribes found in the wild lowlands of Rundhale. He was forced into the war, surviving his years in Zalestia thanks to his unrivalled skill with a bow and arrow. Ariel soon became Vangar’s right-hand man, and joined him in his mutinous act. Upon his return to Amaros, Ariel took a vow of silence, choosing to let his arrows do the talking.

Character art by Andrew Dodd. To see more of his work, please visit his blog.

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