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"The four Elementals came together, using their

combined power and wisdom to create Enara."

The world of Enara is split between two continents; the western continent of Amaros and the eastern continent of Zalestia.



Amaros is a land of flowing grasslands, beautiful forests, huge mountains, and hills brimming with ore and minerals. It is divided into five different countries – Caspia, Heroshin, Rundhale, Mytor, and Legoria. Caspia enjoys a warm climate and a democratic society, whereas Heroshin is ruled by a monarch based in the royal city of Hylan. Rundhale is home to the centaurs, who share the land with the human Etraihu tribes, with battles often breaking out between the two. Mytor is a harsh land, with infertile soil and sharp, craggy rocks. Legoria is a region of trees and valleys, and was once ruled by the elves, until they retreated into Elgrin Forest.


The history of Amaros is fraught with skirmishes and battles between these different countries, but after the accidental discovery of a new land across the sea, they came together under the Alliance of Amaros. The five countries set aside their opinions and beliefs and launched an expedition from Caspia's capital city, the massive seaport of Calisto, a periless mission that led them into a bloody and bitter war with Zalestia.



Zalestia is a giant continent of both wild, luscious jungles, and a mercilessly dry desert, all under a hot climate. The land features an abundance of wildlife, from dinosaur-like lizards to animals used by humans such as rhenzos and lalacas.


Most of the humans are found in the citadel of Zatharu, a sprawling society ruled by the Kaleeds, a royal family whose lineage can be traced back to Zoren, the founder of the citadel and something of a religious icon. Unlike the pale-skinned Amarosians, the Zalestians have dark skin. The differences are not just in their appearance; the Zalestians believe in many gods, with their myths and legends fraught with their adventures, unlike the Amarosians, whose religions are based around four elemental deities.


Those Amarosians who do not wish to live in the citadel survive in small camps deep within the jungles, although those from Zatharu often hunt them as heretics. There are also small tribes that live in the Zofeefee Islands to the south.

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